A Dealer Management System (DMS) offers the integration of your parts & accessories, prices files, labor tracking, RO scheduling, customer communication and accounting interface all in one integrated, easy-to-use platform.  Everything you need to successfully run the many moving parts of a service department will all be available in a well-designed DMS. When a repair order is placed, a series of logical and seamless events should follow in your shop beginning with customer history and the equipment they own, repair history, special order management, flat rate and technician tracking, all the way up to updating accounting records. From the moment a boat, motorcycle or RV enters your business until the you collect payment, all operations should be tracked and recorded in one integrated system. This streamlined process saves time, money and headaches by eliminating the wastefulness of disconnected systems and missed or redundant communication. 

A DMS not only improves the day-to-day operations for a dealership, but also is equipped to boost the efficiency of service departments, boat yards and repair shops. There are many benefits that service-related businesses can anticipate from investing in a Dealer Management System.

Benefits Of A DMS For Service-Related Businesses

Enhance Business Operations

  • Enhance business operations by making job functions and priorities clear for service managers and technicians through the use of scheduling and status codes
  • Improve probability, efficiency and customer satisfaction by easily tracking Repair Event Cycle Time (RECT)
  • Build customer loyalty, strengthen relationships and increase customer satisfaction through access to customer preferences, discounts and service history
  • Monitor and encourage service technician productivity by tracking billable vs. actual hours
  • Assist customers and increase revenue by tracking future service needs and sending out service reminders

Improve Service Project Management

  • Track and assign workloads of service technicians using service scheduling 
  • Quickly provide service estimates and convert them into a work order
  • Build estimates and repair orders using price files from all major distributors and manufacturers
  • Use canned jobs/kits and flat rates for efficient and profitable invoicing
  • Easily add photos and engine diagnostic reports using your phone or tablet

Effectively Manage Parts Inventory

  • Generate special orders and purchase orders to refill stock
  • Automatically create system-suggested stock orders based on sales history and defined min/max settings
  • Receive free automatic price file updates from OEMs and Distributors
  • Track quantities, transfers and sales across locations 
  • Bar code scan parts for efficiency and accuracy 

BiT DMS Service Department Features

At BiT Software, we offer an easy-to-use, industry-specific solution that will help you manage your service and repair orders better. The success of your business relies on all departments working cooperatively and efficiently together. Not only will investing in a DMS benefit all employees of your business through unique features specific to individual roles; but also, as a business owner, you will be better equipped to make knowledgeable and profitable decisions concerning costs, inventories, work loads, technician productivity and cash flow.

  • Job Templates and Estimates 
  • Point-of-Sale (POS)
  • Purchase Order Entry (PO)
  • Inventory Control
  • Special Orders
  • Parts Inventory Management 
  • Photo and Document Management
  • Customer & Service History 
  • Multiple Location Management 
  • Vendor List & Price Files
  • Accounting & Reporting
  • Bar Code Scanning Support


BiT DMS currently serves the marine, powersports, RV, golf cart, OPE and tractor industries throughout North America and internationally. Stay ahead of the competition by investing a new tool for your business today!

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